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We offer the unique

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the ancient knowledge

and methodized

by the monk

Georgi Ionta Hyperioni



Thou art the Vineyard  

(Instead of the Epilogue)


The project is being implemented on the crossroads of the epochs depicted in the Biblical prophecies. The previous era with its patriarchs, kings, Mages, prophets, preachers, gurus, oracles, poets, knights, lamas and astrologers formed the root of a conglomerate, a kind of summary of four millennia made up of two thousand years of the eras of Aries and Pisces, which in mystical terms could be viewed as a strong seed ready to come out to start a new purposeful life.


We, the publishers of “Destiny” regard ourselves as the heirs of the Sacrificial Lamb of the Devine Vineyard. It was not our own decision but the Divine Will.


The vine and a human have much in common. Like a man’s bodily parts, the vine root, stem and seed form a single whole created by God, and both of them are reproduced by phallic fertilization. The vine also lives in three areas, the Heaven, Earth and the space in between, which replenish one another, with each of them preserving its own meaning. It is a miracle of a body turning into a vessel throughout generations, with its soul sent from Heaven by the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son, clad in the ethereal and astral garments, defined by the nine skies, permeated with the spirit and the soul.


In mundane terms, it is the beauty of life. The vine has to be well tended to: it has to be tied to a pole or a trunk of a tree, so that it does not sprawl on the ground. A caring farmer keeps a watchful eye on the vine for it to grow upright and get saturated with sunshine. Similarly a man left without a good guidance of his father confessor is much like a vine spread on earth: all his efforts will be fruitless, come to nothing, like grapes ultimately eaten up by worms or rotten in the earth. Likewise, a man devoid   of his genuine humanity achieved by the initiation to the Orthodox Christianity will be a prey to the worm of the vanity of life.


And that is not the only thing those two have in common. The man of but little knowledge is like an immature vine plant whose grapes are bound to remain sour. Maturity of a man is tested by life and so is the grapes whose juice confined in huge wine jars (kvevri –in Georgian) is to go through a lengthy fermentation in order to achieve an upper stage of existence. Also, the man becomes a captive of the fruits of his “wisdom’’.  He aspires to unity in order to be at one and serve his fellow humans, with the predecessors experiences kept in mind.


By and by, both a good wine and a mature man get rid of sediment in order to pursue the way towards wisdom that goes through the furnace of life experiences, the ultimate goal of which is giving the others an opportunity to experience glorious wisdom of Bacchus. 


We view it as our, the Georgian’s common duty, purpose and target both the mundane and philosophical-divine hospitality to the rest of the world. Let us glorify the lord God with the amalgamation of Scriptures and pagan wisdom.

I, the preacher of the vineyard, with my lips inspired by Lord and Heaven, will give communion to my people, so that they duly introduce themselves to the other peoples and languages. I am sacrificing my soul to you, Georgia, well-seasoned like the vine. Presenting myself to your foes, I cause their trepidation, while I glorify you in the face of Heaven.


Like a cat in a fable that did not teach a lion to climb a tree, I, your loving son hid the Heavenly Key.


I, a humble monk and your patron, my stubborn people, have unraveled the divine wisdom, so that at these apocalyptic times of a complex   childbirth, when the earth is to transform and proceed into a newborn, illuminated era, you - my homeland and its inhabitants can stride towards the survival of not only themselves but the rest of the world.


It is our essence and ultimate goal. Like an old wine free of sediment is poured into the incensed wine jars, you, my homeland, the ancient, primeval vineyard, preserved by prayers, survivor of the deluge, receiver of the Eucharist, the one, that has gone through of so many ordeals much like the Savior, by the Divine hand should cast off the sediment and clad in the new garment, open your heart to the joy of the new era. Why are you surprised?! It’s time we prepared for the Divine Wedding. The cock has crowed thrice, Peter’s tears have washed the nations. The new times bathed in the tears of regret are nigh, the blessed chime of the Georgian word will be heard by all to brighten up their souls.


The future be blessed in the name of God!  Amen, Amen, be you all blessed in the Georgian language!

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