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We offer the unique

therapy adapted from

the ancient knowledge

and methodized

by the monk

Georgi Ionta Hyperioni


Exuberate, Georgia! God bless you!


Georgians glorify the Creator, the Son – the King of Kings blessed forever. He is the Heir of Georgia!


Mtskheta is the alter-city of Melchizedec!


Noah’s Ark and Noah’s Altar was discovered in the “heart’’ of Georgia! Here is the origin of the Earth! It was here that Noah offered his sacrifice and it was here that God pledged that there would be no other Deluge.


The Lamb and His Angels are arriving to Georgia – to resurrect Lazarus!


The blessed descendents of Japhet who did not crucify our Savior, God is with you!


An artifact, testifying to the Lord’s prospected arrival in Georgia has been discoverd in the village of Nunisi, Kharagauli region, near Bakhokia and Dedabera mountains, 3 km west of St. Mary church, in the so-called Monks’ (berebis) cave, which is located in Saqomari forest.


Glorify God for his coming to our homeland! The Lord is coming to bring eternal freedom and the keys for all mysteries.


 Let’s pave the way to God and glorify his coming!




Well, let’s begin…

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