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We offer the unique

therapy adapted from

the ancient knowledge

and methodized

by the monk

Georgi Ionta Hyperioni


The man has been attempting at delving into the meaning of life since ancient times. The personality bestowed with free will has been researching, studying and evolving throughout his lifetime in order to offer something new in his own way, which, to some extent, changed the rhythm of life and the traditional way of thinking, paving the mankind’s way towards an upper stage of development. It has been the same in science, philosophy, medicine, etc.


Merger of the ancient tradition and worldview with those of modernity is an incentive to the evolution.  We wish to impart our vision of certain issues, which rely on the treasure-house of the ancient manuscripts, Scriptures and unquestionable artifacts that through the prism of the three Georgian alphabets offer a new view of many historical or biblical stories.


We’ll also try to unveil some unrevealed till now issues from the Bible and deal with the unknown universal veracity for those, who look for answers about the spirit world doors.








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